I suffer from Gilbert's Syndrome so I made this free newsletter group to discuss issues that all Gilbert's Syndrome sufferers face.

I suffer from Gilbert's Syndrome, I was first diagnosed after going to the doctors for extreme tiredness, not just feeling slightly tired but so tired that I couldn't leave my bed for weeks at at a time.

Along with feeling tired I also found that I would get severe rashes and itching all over my body and break out in hives, so bad that I could scratch my fingernail on my arm writing my name on my arm with my fingernail and my hives would be so bad that I would see my own name appear as red raised markings on my arm almost instantly.

The whites of my eyes and skin do go slightly yellow (jaundice) when I'm very tired, for me taking milk thistle daily helped to cleanse my liver and taking vitamin D, multivitamins and vitamin C in large doses whenever I felt a cold coming or someone near me had a cold, as if I got a cold that would usually bring on extreme tiredness.

If I drink alcohol or stay up late I find that I'll have extreme tiredness the next day, even at the best of times I suffer with brain fog and find it difficult to recall things from memory.

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